Qualcomm’s RB5 5G System

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The RB5 is Qualcomm’s newest 5G system geared towards robots and drones. The RB5 platform utilizes the QRB5165 processor for robots, paired with 4G LTE and 5G connectivity via Qualcomm’s X55 modem. The AI used in the RB5 system allows manufacturers to generate smart, fast, and responsive machines. Over 20 companies viewed the technology and will likely use it.

Among those currently interested are LG, Skydio, NXT Robotics, Meitun, and Siasun. Dev Singh, head of Qualcomm’s robotics, drones and intelligent machines business stated, “any kind of robot, be it a $200 [personal] robot to a $2 million industrial robot, the critical things that robot needs to do is sensing, thinking, acting and communicating.” “Qualcomm’s processor packs all of this together.”

The RB5 system forecasted to be in products about six to eight months from now. RB5 anticipates producing more advanced machines such as independent mobile robots, autonomous vehicle (AV), delivery robots and drones, etc. ABI Research reports advise, over 60 million robotics and drones will deploy this year. Per ABI Research, the numbers of machines should double by the year 2025. 5G technologies are no longer just for smartphones. According to Singh, “5G is going to be the underlying fabric for communication for the factories of the future.”

RB5 and 5G are looking to impact many industries like robots, cars, health devices, retail, and nearly every industry you can imagine. 5G can be implemented via traffic lights, available to first responders, and farmers to monitor their crops and livestock by providing real-time responses. “You have applications that need real-time response to things … [like] remote surgeries using robots.” “That’s only possible over 5G,” Singh stated.

Article Source Link: https://www.cnet.com/news/5g-is-coming-to-robots-and-drones-with-qualcomms-new-rb5-system/

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