Nottingham Trent University Students Will Be Blanketed With Smart Technology and Radiation

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We know that students go to college to get smarter, but maybe not this kind of smart. Universities across the world are beginning to implement “smart campuses” where young adults can connect to virtually anything. But, is that really a smart thing to do given each wireless device that is used will bring EMF radiation?

Students attending Nottingham Trent University in England may have accessibility to Smart Campus by the summer of 2021. The Smart Campus scheme will feature 5G and Smart Wireless Innovation Facility (SWIFt) technologies, which may include intelligent wayfinding, virtual assistants, smart parking, and building controls with smart technologies spread across the campus.

Researchers, businessmen, and policymakers will be integrated into the process to showcase how these technologies can be converted into everyday life and create ‘Smart Places’ for the near future.

Project Partners D2N2 and Digital Catapult arranged to invest in the development. D2N2, the Local Enterprise Partnership for Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham, and Nottinghamshire, will finance £800,000 (USD 1,050,172.00) of the £1.6m (USD 2,100,344.00) venture from their Local Growth Fund Allocation. Local Growth Funds supplies aid to the local area, create jobs and homes, learners, and delivering fundamental research opportunities.

The second project investor Digital Catapult, which is the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation center is a catalyst in expediting the utilization of new and developing technologies for the betterment of UK businesses. Investment in the project helps to make Nottingham Trent University’s campus a smart and sustainable location, according to Luke Hall (MP), Minister of Regional Growth, and Local Government.

Councillor David Mellen, Leader of Nottingham City Council, emphasized Nottingham being at the forefront of digital infrastructure delivery to yield the resources to boost the economy. Digital innovation is imperative to help the economy recover per Councillor Mellen.

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