New Technology To Protect Our Pets

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Increasing concerns about 5G technologies have brought up a new way to help protect our furry four-legged friends. Many people consider pets as a part of the family and would do anything to protect them.

Unfortunately, pets are subjected to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) while at home sleeping next to Wi-Fi routers and other wireless devices. As we know, electromagnetic frequencies cause extreme health risks to humans and animals, alike. Knowing companies such as American Aires exist can place ease to some of our worries.

American Aires Inc., an Ontario based technology company has developed a collar to protect pets from negative effects of EMF. The company’s sole purpose is to produce helpful ways to protect anyone from electromagnetic emissions. Their products restructure and transform electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically compatible form to lessen the damaging effects of EMF. Aires has therefore decided to release its new pet-specific product in the second quarter of 2020. Dimitry Serov, the company’s CEO stated, “we are ready to deliver.”

A study completed by John Reif of Colorado State University’s Department of Veterinary medicine confirmed medical issues in dogs related to wireless devices and radiation. Due to a pet’s exposure to high amounts of EMF in the home, the chance of dogs developing certain cancers is increasing.  The relationship between EMF and lymphoma in dogs is causing increase fear with many pet owners who are cautions and are seeking further steps to help protect their furry friends.

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