Mayo Prevents 5G Rollout

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County Mayo, Ireland

County Mayo is a county in Ireland located in the West of Ireland and part of the province of Connacht. They recently were able to delay the release of 5G mobile networks. Counselor Michael Kilcoyne prepared a proposal that has been passed to stop the release of 5G until the health and safety issues are dealt with. ComReg, a general communications regulator for Ireland received a request to pause the licensing for the rollout of this technology.

Counselor Kilcoyne also reached out to the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment to provide factual information regarding the impact of 5G on humans. He even stated he wants a full report in regard to the effects and for the information to be presented to the Oireachtas, sometimes referred to as Oireachtas Éireann, is the legislature of Ireland.

In places like County Mayo, it seems there are areas currently not covered by 4G networks. Counselor Peter Hynes has decided to support the recent motion, as the rollout of 5G does not make much sense if there are still areas not covered by current 4G networks.  We can only hope that more locations around the world are able to prevent 5G from happening until more studies are done and information provided.

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