Health Insurance Companies May Not Cover EMF Illnesses

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Insurance companies seem to know something consumers don’t by deciding in 2015 not to cover illnesses related to electromagnetic radiation. As more devices connect through Bluetooth and wirelessly, people have noticed a rise in sensitivity to these frequencies and have seen an increase in developing curious ailments.

Electromagnetic radiation is free-flowing energy (protons) from electric and magnetic fields. Examples EMF’s from cell phone radiation frequencies, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microwave, ultra-violet, and X-rays waves. 

While many nay-sayers have commented that EMF related illnesses may be “all in their head,” people who are highly sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies and radiation know this to be much further than the truth.  EMS, ES or electromagnetic sensitivity people have tried seeking help from both medical doctors and holistic professionals. Still, many have found no relief, especially with thousands of new 5G cell antennas currently being installed across the world.   EMF Academy explains electromagnetic sensitivity very well, here.

One thing is clear, regardless of what insurance companies choose to do, it does raise an eyebrow on why they decided to specifically “not” cover these types of illnesses. Is it because insurance companies predict these types of illnesses could become popular in the next several years and become a congested diagnosis?  Maybe they want to dismiss them altogether and believe they don’t even “exist” in the first place. You can’t see EMF’s because the signals are invisible, perhaps the motto “if you can’t see it, it must not exist” is appropriate here.

According to this article by 5G Technology News, “In 2015 Lloyd’s of London, one of the largest insurers in the world, put out a clear statement that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) exposure illness would be excluded from coverage.” With 5G antennas being placed in areas untouched thus far like close-knit neighborhoods and city street corners, there will be an increase in the amount of EMF exposure to people, animals, and insects.

The future is unclear yet how this will impact the human population, not to mention what it could do to animals and insects.  5G hasn’t been tested on human health, and it is uncertain what the long term health effects will be.

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