Coronavirus Pandemic Delays 5G Plans For Apple And Samsung

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The global pandemic has forced companies like Apple and Samsung to reevaluate their launch plans for phones that can support 5G technologies. The spread of the novel COVID-19 virus has caused regions of countries like China to shut down and delay supply chain orders for Apple. Samsung also took measures in South Korea to decrease the number of requests for its Galaxy S20 parts.

South Korea released a 5G-focused lineup at a launch event in San Francisco several weeks ago. DJ Koh, a mobile lead for Samsung, advised, “the smartphone market is contracting” due to the effects of the pandemic. Samsung’s competitor, Apple, planned to launch its 5G phone in September but may see delays and a decrease in sales. Dan Ives, a Wedbush analyst stated, “clearly, anything can happen and this stress test exercise on Apple’s model could prove to be conservative or not aggressive enough given this fluid global pandemic.” Ives also mentioned, “the duration and the scope of this disruption cannot be predicted, however we are taking our best calculated shot at our new model.”

Cell phone companies and carriers were counting on the further release of 5G technologies this year, 2020. Investors expected for 5G phones to increase sales since phone sales have decreased over the past several years. It was predicted by Gartner that 5G phones would bring in $221 million in sales in 2020. Despite the delays, according to RealMoney, Eric Jhonsa, the economic stimulus packages may provide carriers a lift with the current situation.

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