Anthropogenic Electropollution and Wireless Radiation Are Among Many Environmental Factors Steadily Harming Our Biosphere

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As a veterinarian and advocate of One Health, I have regarded informing the public about environmental issues that can harm humans and other animals, wild and domesticated, as one of my professional responsibilities.

Bill Gates’ and others’ push of geoengineering — introducing various particulate materials into the upper atmosphere to shade the Earth from the sun’s rays in order to slow down global warming — fails to address the fundamental issue of escalating carbon dioxide and methane emissions, which geoengineering will not rectify. Such shading will reduce plant growth/photosynthesis and therefore reduce the rate and quantity of much-needed carbon sequestration by plants and algae to reduce atmospheric CO2, which is now acidifying lakes and oceans.

Geoengineering will also reduce ultraviolet solar radiation, a natural viral and bacterial sanitizer, which would mean one less natural element preventing epidemics and pandemics. Also, low-level atmospheric pollution from burning fossil fuels for electricity and transportation blocks ultraviolet light and damages lungs and other internal organs, further increasing susceptibility to respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.

It is significant that Elon Musk was named 2021 Person of the Year on the cover of Time magazine. He is one of the innovators capitalizing on the financial benefits of electrifying the biosphere for telecommunications and associated technologies, from smartphones to self-driving cars. Many of the satellites circling Earth are his and are beaming nonionizing radiation to Earth, which I call the cybersphere component of the technosphere. It is enlightened self-interest to utilize the least harmful telecommunications radiofrequencies. But this is not being assured.

All involved are technophiles, the latest anthropocentric and profit-driven mindset of an elite class virtually beyond reproach through their media control. These people have the public believing that we can progress without respect or regard for all life on Earth.

The anthropogenic factors contributing to the COVID-19 pandemic have not yet been fully examined, but they are considerable, according to Beverly Rubik and Robert R. Brown, writing in the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research in September.

Some of the cybersphere’s radiation frequencies being developed are harmful to life on Earth. The limited available safety data and environmental impact assessment determinations for Musk’s Starlink internet service are questionable considering the rush to invest and implement this technology. The escalating and predictably unsustainable energy demands for data storage and transmission and digital currency transactions are major concerns, especially in the face of climate change and global warming.

It affirmed the risks of the cybersphere when the media reported that electropollution from 5G cell towers near airports interfered with altitude detection equipment needed to land safely in bad weather. United Airlines Chief Executive Scott Kirby said AT&T and Verizon Communications must delay their plans to roll out across the C-band spectrum for 5G wireless services, saying it could delay, divert or cancel about 4% of daily flights and impact hundreds of thousands of passengers.

Migratory birds are certainly not immune to such human-generated electrical interference of their geomagnetic and related neural pathways essential for navigation.

Whales and other marine mammals rely on sonar for communication and navigation, but they too are at risk from the disrupting consequences to marine life impacted by the military and commercial expansion of technology into the ocean via the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). (For details, go to

Every living cell and being has its own bioelectrical frequency and intensity of field maintaining homeostasis. Human-generated electrical fields and radiation, ionizing and nonionizing, can disrupt this homoeostasis. This anthropogenic electropollution is contributing to the demise of insects and other creatures, as well as affecting plant growth, according to several research studies documented in my report on this major contemporary issue on my website:

For more documentation, visit:


• The American Cancer Society’s posting (, noting that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has identified RF exposure as a possible carcinogen.

• Physicians for Safe Technology ( and World Health Organization Electrohypersensitivity Fact Sheet (

In December 2020, NBC News reported, “’Havana Syndrome’ likely caused by pulsed microwave energy, government study finds.” Recently nonprofit groups petitioned the U.S. Health and Human Services Department (HHS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to declare wireless radiation an “imminent” health hazard and start warning the public.

To close, I wish all readers a safe and sane 2022!

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