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5G Wireless Danger combines and shares blog and news articles, and videos about 5G from many resources – all in one place – to make it easier for you to find interesting and helpful 5G technology, health, and environmental news.

5G will use new millimeter (Mm) wave technology to deliver lightning fast download speeds (over 100 times faster), but with this new technology comes health risks. For 5G to work properly, it must connect to a network of closely installed antennas. These new antennas will be installed on sidewalks in your neighborhood, on lampposts at every street corner, on top of all buildings, in parks and stadiums, beside daycares and schools, college campuses, and places of business. There will be no getting away from the radiation-emitting 5G antennas.


There are movements around the world asking local governments to halt 5G deployment, citing health concerns and are asking for health studies to be conducted to deem it safe for humans. There has yet to be a conclusive study marking 5G safe for our bodies. Thank you for all the people who volunteer their time and energy every day to help bring awareness to 5G health risks.

Don’t forget to visit the Resources page to find some of the organizations and pages we have found very helpful. This list was a collaborative effort by many involved.


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