5G Smart Robots Help Hospitals Battle COVID-19 In China

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China found a way to handle the increase in coronavirus cases with medics and the use of six smart robots powered by 5G technologies. China Mobile, the developer of the smart robots, states that robots will assist with disinfecting, cleaning patient areas, delivering medicines, and decreases the possibility of cross-infection.  Leading telecom operators in Shanghai also developed thermal imagers and health monitors, which use 5G. The China Telecom and ZTE have joined forces to try to lessen the mortalities and to contain as much of the disease as possible by creating the first remote diagnosis of COVID-19.

The smart robots created by China Mobile are being considered for handling biohazard waste, decontaminating rooms and ambulances, and change IV bags for ill patients. The idea is not to replace healthcare workers but to have the workers and smart robots work side by side. China has now captured the world’s attention by putting these robots to use.

Dr. Robin Murphy, Raytheon professor of computer science and engineering at Texas A&M University, recalled the Ebola outbreak in 2014 in Texas, which nudged her to study emergency responses. Dr. Murphy stated, “A hospital lost a whole wing temporarily. Two ambulances were infected.” The recent epidemic of COVID-19 will only lead to more studies on how to use technology to somehow benefit healthcare systems,

5G uses high frequency millimeter wave technology which experts believe will be harmful to human health .

Article Source Link: https://www.ibtimes.com/smart-robots-are-battling-covid-19-using-5g-technology-china-2932868

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